03 November 2013

Celebrating Movember

Happy Movember!
In case you're late to the party, Movember, or "mustache November," is the time of year men across the globe attempt to grow mustaches. Even if you can't grow a sweet stache, you can still be involved. So how are you celebrating Movember?

Ken Clausen, founder of Lax Stache Madness.
Photo: laxstachemadness.com

Lax Stache Madness
Surrounding the popular endeavors of November is Ken Clausen's Lax Stache Madness charity initiative. The UVA alum/Denver Outlaw launched Lax Stache Madness to rally the lacrosse community to raise money for the Headstrong Foundation, which was founded in memory of Hofstra lacrosse player Nicholas Colleluori. Nick lost his battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a blood cancer, in 2006. Read Nick's story here.

Participants pay $15 to register, and they are encouraged to show off their staches through social media. Though the campaign targets the lacrosse community, anyone can register and receive the perks as a bonus! Read more about Lax Stache Madness and register here.

Things you probably need
Just because you can't grow a mustache doesn't mean you can't participate in Movember! From jewelry to Toms to drink accessories, you can find just about anything you want with a mustache on it.
Ring: Betsey Johnson | Mug: Pier One | Wine opener: Tom Ford | Cufflinks: farfetch.com | Drink decals: Kikkerland

Know your mustaches
Clausen cites Mustaches of the 19th Century to explain the different types of mustaches and other important mustache-related terms. Here are my favorites:
Business Mustache: The work-a-day mustache for both the working class and decent gentlemen. 
Overhand Twist: The twisted end of a handlebar mustache that curves upward toward the eyes. 
Waterfall (also Lip Waterfall): A mustache style where the tips are grown long and allowed droop past both corners of the mouth. The modern mustache style that must closely relates is called a Fu Manchu in the vulger tongue. 
Faceshelf: A beard and sideburn combination grown together into a single line of whiskers. An advanced form of mustachery that should only be attempted by an adept of the art. Also known as The Chester A. Arthur after the 21st President of these United States. 
Handlebar: A mustache grown to have long sides that is held rigid by wax or other products to keep it from dropping below the mouth. Term originated amoung shocked travelers who were gravely assaulted when natives mistook their faces for bicycles.
See the rest of the terms here.

Happy Movember! xo