25 February 2014

20 Things True Marylanders Know

1. You know we have the best crabs in the world. And even if you don't like crabs, you know how to pick them.

2. You know what a Wawa or RoFo run is.
And you fully appreciate it in all its glory.

3. You know it's "Bawlmer," "Ballmor," or "Baldimor," but never "Bal-ti-more"--even if you're not from the city.
Photo: BayImprint.com.

4. You were probably born with a lacrosse stick in your hand, even if you quit during rec league.
Photo: cs.trinity.edu.

5. You have a love/hate relationship with Chick-fil-A: You love Chick-fil-A, but you hate that it's closed on Sundays, which seems to be when you crave it the most.

6. You have had the argument with someone from out-of-state about whether Maryland is in the North or the South, and you have a strong opinion about it.
Border states? Wtf does this map even mean?

7. Someone from out-of-state has tried to tell you that you have an accent, even though you know you don't (BUT this video did make me laugh). 

8. You know the only thing better than a bushel of crabs is a bushel of crabs with Natty Boh.

9. You know it's not breakfast/lunch/dinner without Old Bay.
Photo: seriouseats.com.

10. You know it's not unusual to see Kevin Spacey out.
Spacey does plebe push-ups. | Photo: Eye on Annapolis.

11. You have been sailing, even if it was just opti sailing camp in fourth grade.

12. When someone asks if D.C. is part of Maryland, you're like...

13. You know we wore boat shoes before you and your frat bros did ...on our BOATS.
Sorry, had to. Disclaimer: I appreciate fraternity men,
and it's ok with me if you wear boat shoes. | Photo: cat5boatshoes.com

14. You know what senior week is, and you went. And you probably can't even talk about some of the things that happened there.
Some classic Scopes action.

15. You eat your fries with vinegar and/or Old Bay.
There really is nothing like a big bucket of Thrasher's.
16. You went to the Air & Space Museum and the Baltimore Aquarium at least once in elementary school.
...and still never realized the aquarium looked that cool from the outside!? Wow!
17. You know we have the best state flag, and you wear it proudly.
Terps cheerleaders wearing Route One Apparel bikinis.

18. You know we lose our minds, close schools and forget how to drive when it snows.

19. You know what people mean when they say HoCo and MoCo, while everyone else is like...
HoCo...? MoCo...?

20. You never know what to wear, what to order at Starbs, or what temperature to set your car at because the weather is SO INCONSISTENT.

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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of these images. Credit is given for images when possible, and all others are from Google Images or Pinterest.com.http://www.cat5boatshoes.com