08 May 2013

Five Event Invitations You Should Never Turn Down

If you are ever invited to one of these exclusive events, clear your schedule. You won't regret it.

1. Ring Dance
Annapolis, MD
Ring Dance is a special traditional date function for second-class midshipmen at the end of their junior years. During the event, a chaplain dips the midshipman's class ring in water of the seven seas, and he is then permitted to wear it. Before the ceremony, the midshipman's date wears his class ring on a chain around her neck.

2. Inaugural Ball
Washington, D.C.
Official or unofficial, any inaugural ball in the District is sure to be fun, no matter who is elected president.
3. First Lady's Luncheon
Washington, D.C.
Each May, the Congressional Club honors the first lady of the United States with an extravagant luncheon, usually held at a large hotel in the District. Spouses of current and former members of Congress are invited, and they can bring friends if they so choose. Highlights include beautiful table settings, live music and generous gift bags.

4. Met Ball
New York, NY
Met Ball, also known as Met Gala, is a joint effort by Vogue and Chanel. It is one of the top annual social events in New York City. Each year, the event has a theme, and designers and celebrities dress to the nines.

5. The Capital Club Sinatra Soiree
Washington, D.C.
The Capital Club is a highly exclusive social club in the District that only accepts new members by invitation. The Sinatra Soiree, which takes place every July, is one of the best summer parties of the year. Live music, cocktails and dancing attract crowds of more than a thousand.

And obviously, if you're ever invited to a party at Gatsby's, you better not make other plans.