23 September 2013

Halloween as an Adult (if that's what we're calling ourselves)

Sometimes, I miss how exciting Halloween was as a kid.

I miss the times when it wasn't all about dressing like a slut and getting drunk. When it was just about walking down the street with a pillowcase of candy in your hand, happy as can be. When you would get home and do some serious candy trading with your siblings and friends, and then you would be in bed by 9 p.m.

That being said, I still love Halloween. I've never been into the whole dressing like a streetwalker thing, but I like to have fun with my costumes and get creative. I'm also all about making costumes, so I'm here to show you a few of my favorite DIY ideas.

Lady Liberty & Uncle Sam
Such a cute and easy couples' costume! You can make a crown out of foam and a headband. The challenge here would probably be finding foam to match the dress.
Materials: (for her) foam and hot glue gun for crown, aqua dress, flashlight, foam and tape for flames; (for him) American flag shorts or pants, white shirt, blazer, American flag bow tie, red white and blue hat

Energizer Bunny
Again, such an easy costume. The only thing you would need to purchase is the bunny ears.
Materials: bunny ears; pink top and bottom; wooden dowels and red tape for drumsticks; cardboard, tape and printed Energizer logo for drum

This one is a little more complicated and definitely involves a trip to the fabric store. I love what this girl has done, though! Click here for the materials, step-by-step and more photos.

A little less work than the mermaid costume, but still pretty involved. Check out the directions here.
Materials: booty shorts, corset, bra, peacock feathers, blue feathers, hair clip or headband, hot glue

Wonder Woman
I love this costume--so simple and patriotic.
Materials: Wonder Woman shirt (there is a variety available here); different colors/consistencies of paper for the crown, stars and hand pieces; blue tutu; red leggings or socks to be cut up for choker and leg warmers; hot glue

Wine Bottles
Calling all wine-os! This is such a cute group costume.
Materials: dress color pertaining to wine of choice (you could be a bottle of merlot if you wanted to), fabric to match the label, fabric markers, fabric paint, hot glue

Starbucks Cups
I love this as a group costume. I don't know how these girls got the labels so perfect, but it looks like they printed the logos out on photo paper and hot glued them on the dresses.
Materials: white dress, photo paper, printed Starbucks logo, permanent marker
Tip: Make sure to lay cardboard between the layers of your dress when drawing on it with the permanent marker to keep the ink from bleeding through!

Soap & Loofah
A great couples' costume!
Materials: (for her) strapless dress, nylon net material, cord, hot glue; (for him) cardboard, fabric markers, bubble wrap, hot glue

Such a cute group costume and so easy!
Materials: white dresses, pillowcases, stuffing, spray paint, green fabric

Captain America
Love the creativity! This is a pretty simple costume, but it would involve some sewing and possibly painting.
Materials: fabric for dress, red socks, cardboard, paint, red gloves

Peter Pan & Wendy
Never grow up.
Materials: (for her): wide ribbon for bow and sash, white knee-high socks, nightgown that can be cut shorter; (for him) green shirt that can be cut up, green tights or leggings, felt and feather for hat, leather for sash, hot glue

Beer Cans
So easy and fun! Collect old beer boxes for the logos.
Materials: strapless dress, blue and silver duck tape, cardboard logos from beer boxes, packing tape

Old Bay Crab
In true Maryland spirit, this is my favorite costume. Be sure to visit David Young's website for more awesome costume ideas, including Colonel Sanders, the Jolly Green Giant and Cap'n Crunch. Now all you need is a friend to dress as the Natty Boh guy!
Materials: cardboard, paint, and lots of creativity to make the crab claws and hat


Can you tell I'm a wine-o? This would be such a cute individual or group costume, and so easy to make! I would just print the labels out and hot glue them on the tank tops.
Materials: printed Franzia logo, red or pink tank top, cellophane or other sheer fabric, button from Franzia box, heels

Ice Cream Cones
I love this group costume idea, and it looks relatively easy to make. There's no sewing involved, and the ice cream can be made of old t-shirts with scraps of construction paper hot glued on. Don't forget the red ribbon cherry on top!
Materials: red ribbon, construction paper, hot glue, tan fabric, permanent marker

Happy October and happy Halloween! xo