28 August 2013

Trend: Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have gained popularity this year.

I've seen some beautiful, elegant designs, as well as some tacky, horrendous ones. Is your statement necklace appropriate for your event or day?
Statement Necklaces

Sparkly: Anything jeweled. Think J.Crew. A sparkly necklace emulates class. Appropriate for nighttime events, cocktail parties, and formal functions when you need a little something extra.

Elegant: Tiered, delicate necklaces. Beautiful with solids, but won't necessarily agree with patterns. Appropriate for nighttime events and formal functions.

Proper: Anything with pearls. Always appropriate (see below).

Bold: Colorful, bubbly necklaces. Appropriate for daytime functions and more casual nighttime events. In my opinion, the obnoxious resin neon bubble necklaces can cross over into tacky territory, but not necessarily. A good rule of thumb: If you think it might be tacky, it probably is.

Girly: Floral necklaces. The rose ones have become very popular, but there are so many varieties. These are appropriate for daytime events and can be paired with casual outfits.

Nautical: I love the coral reef necklace pictured above. It would be perfect with a royal blue dress, but could be dressed down even more for a daytime function.

And when in doubt, remember the wise words of Jacqueline Kennedy: