11 July 2013

The Most Country Club Names You'll Ever Hear

With a name like Vanderbilt or Archbold, success is inevitable, right?

I've searched the internet, magazines, books and the world for the most country club names you'll ever hear in your life. Why? Because I needed to procrastinate.

So without further ado, here's the list. Some are lacrosse players (obvi), some are high-powered CEOs, some are members of prestigious clubs, and some are fictional characters. And they're destined for success, because how could you not be successful with a name like Wellington Stanwick?

Ford Archbold, pro surfer

Wellington Stanwick, college lacrosse player, Johns Hopkins

Murphy Vandervelde, college lacrosse player, Harvard

Drew Aldridge, Capital Club board member

William Walford Astor, late publisher of The Observer

Sterling Archer, fictional Hopkins lacrosse alum on TV series Archer

William Amherst Vanderbilt Cecil, The Biltmore Company

Nate Archibald, fictional character and lacrosse player on TV series Gossip Girl

Duke Wellingham, fictional character and lacrosse player on TV series Blue Mountain State

I hope you found this as entertaining as I did, and maybe even got some ideas for baby (or puppy) names!