15 July 2013

Style Icons: Past & Present

My style is a mixture of a lot of things.

Some days, I look like I just stepped out of the Lilly Pulitzer styling room. Other days, I look like I just stepped off the beach. But most days, I'm wearing more J.Crew than anything else. Over the years, as my personal style has evolved, I have gathered a lot of beauty and fashion inspirations. The following nine women contribute to my fashion, hair and makeup decisions on a daily basis.

Blair Waldorf

The fictional Gossip Girl character played by Leighton Meester serves as a style icon for many young women. Her haute couture style, flawless hair and makeup and regal aura make her extra enviable.

Signature moves: headbands, updos, invisible tiara

Best style moment: I loved her hair, makeup and dress for her wedding with Prince Louis on GG.

Emily Maynard

The Bachelor winner Emily Maynard has a southern charm that's hard to resist. She always looks cute!

Signature moves: straight hair, bright colors, big sunglasses

Best style moment: I don't know where or when the above photo is from--I found it on Pinterest--but I absolutely love her outfit!

Kate Middleton

My favorite thing about Kate is that she can pull off any dress code. She looks fabulous in jeans, in a gown or in a regal coat. She literally looks flawless at all times, and I'm convinced that she's perfect.

Signature moves: riding boots, military-style jackets, hats, tiara

Best style moment: I loved the shimmery pink gown Kate wore to the 10th Annual Absolute Return for Kids Gala Dinner in London.

Jackie O.

Where to start...Jackie O. is my number one fashion inspiration. When I'm putting together an outfit and don't know where to start, I ask myself what Jackie would have worn. As first lady, she shocked traditionalists by wearing capris in the White House. She could often be found in a shift, and she would never leave the house without her pearls and big sunglasses. Her all-American, classically preppy style is timeless and still resonates today.

Signature moves: capris, shifts, hats, big sunglasses, pearls, big hair, Jack Rogers, white gloves

Best style moment: Can you really choose one?

Miranda Kerr

When I think of Miranda Kerr, I think girly. The exotic Australian model is one of my makeup inspirations. Her tan, glowing skin always looks perfect and natural.

Signature moves: cat eye eyeliner, loose curls, perfect skin, pink blush, Victoria's Secret wings

Best style moment: I loved Miranda on the Victoria's Secret fashion show stage.

Kristin Cavallari

I look to Kristin Cavallari for hair and makeup inspiration. Although I was definitely on Team LC during Laguna, I can definitely appreciate Kristin's beachy style.

Signature moves: beach blonde hair, smoky eye, perfectly layered hair, glowing white teeth

Best style moment: I'm going to go with the days of her short, layered bob haircut.

AnnaLynne McCord

Actress AnnaLynne McCord has a sex appeal that's hard to match. When styled, she pulls off the vintage pinup girl look without a hitch.

Signature moves: big hair, pouty lips

Best style moment: I loved her as Naomi, her character on 90210.

Raquel Welch

This all-American beauty has been a sex symbol since the 1960s. She is 72 now, but she could pass for 35. I can only hope to age as gracefully as she has.

Signature moves: bikinis, leopard print, American flag bathing suit

Best style moment: Of course, it would be hard to top Raquel's infamous debut of the American flag monokini.

Blake Lively

Ok, maybe I'm a little obsessed with Gossip Girl. But how can you not love Blake Lively? She has gorgeous legs, her hair is perfect and she practically glows at all times. I love that she's not afraid to rock sequins, jewels and other shiny stuff--she knows she can pull it off.

Signature moves: anything shiny, toned legs, sideswept hair

Best style moment: This is easy: Her defining moment in my eyes was her wedding on GG. That Georges Chakra dress...I can only dream of wearing a wedding gown so utterly stunning.