27 November 2012

Six Stocking Stuffers for the Annapolitan

This is the Annapolitan's dream stocking...

1. Cruiseys.
$5 each, TheCruisey.com
This absolutely ingenious item is a coozie you can wear around your neck. As Annapolitan company owners Bridget and Kate eloquently stated, “it can be a little tricky to trim the jib, raise the chute, and tack while sipping on our favorite beverage.” With appropriate sayings like “Get nauti”, “Yachta yachta yachta”, and “Ship shape”, this is the perfect gift for your favorite sailor’s stocking!

2. Annapolitan bottle opener.
$20, Etsy
This beautiful bottle opener displays a small map of Annapolis, perfect for any Annapolitan beer drinker.

3. Crab mallet with attached bottle opener.
$23.50/bucket of five mallets, Etsy
Opening a cold brewski while picking crabs just got a whole lot easier. This mallet features delicate nautical detail and an attached bottle opener.

4. Natty Boh stickers.
$3.49 each, NattyBohGear.com
Because who doesn't need a Natty Boh sticker?

5. Old Bay.
This is an especially appropriate gift to give to out-of-state friends or relatives who may not have heard of Old Bay or understand its sheer greatness.

6. Maryland flag keychain.
It's no secret that we have one of the best state flags in the nation. This is a great gift for anyone who is proud to be a Marylander!


The Annapolitan