24 July 2012

Entertaining in College

Staying with a gracious and prepared host/hostess is always enjoyable.
Entertaining in College: The Perfect Guest Basket

Maybe you have friends coming from out of town to stay with you for the weekend, or maybe your friend from down the street is sleeping over for the night. In any case, you never want to be that host that doesn't have any good food, forgot to buy toilet paper, or didn't wash the towels.

Guest basket. Even if you just have a small apartment, why not keep a guest basket on hand for the bathroom? You'll want to let your guest(s) know that this basket is for them so they don't feel like they're intruding. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

  1. Clean towels and washcloths. This is especially important--you wouldn't want your guest to get out of the shower only to find that there are no towels for him/her.
  2. Water, Dove chocolates, gum. Just a few fun ideas.
  3. Toiletries. This should include extra toothbrushes, floss, disposable razors, a contacts case, and saline solution.
  4. Individual makeup remover wipes. You can buy these at Sephora.
  5. Condoms and tampons to avoid any awkward moments.
  6. Excedrin, Tylenol, and ibuprofen for hangovers.
You can also add sample size shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, soap, etc., but I'm just going to assume those items are already in the shower.

Kitchen. You'll want to always have your kitchen stocked with the basics--bread, milk, eggs, butter, cereal, snacks.


  • Stock your bathroom with toilet paper, and make sure you always have extra.
  • Always have beer, wine, and vodka--emphasis on beer if you're having guys over. This is college.
  • If you don't have an extra bed available for your guest(s), keep a futon under your bed with extra sheets, blankets, and pillows on hand. If your roommate will be away and makes his/her bed available to your guest(s), make sure you wash the bedding afterwards. It's the respectful thing to do.
Most importantly, a truly good host/hostess will make sure his/her guest is comfortable, make introductions, and show his/her guest a good time.


The Annapolitan